Instantly Turned On

I make homemade biscuits and gravy every Sunday evening and usually have family and friends over. The dinner has to be started 2 hours before everyone arrives so that it is done on time and that no one ends up waiting if they are in a hurry. I usually cook for about 10 people and we celebrate before dinner with many drinks. After the dinner is consumed quickly every one is ready for bed because it sits so heavy on the gut.

Last Sunday my best guy friend brought over a guest, which turned out to be a Manchester escort agency worker. She was very stunning and dressed perfectly and she actually turned me on almost immediately. Being a female myself, I have never looked at another girl this way. We now see each other about once a week and a man has never made me feel so good in my entire life. She knows the exact spots to kiss and rub on me!

High School Love

I dated a girl in high school that I was with for about 4 years and she was my first love. We did everything together before, during and after school. We went out on dates, hung out with our friends, did our homework together and just hung out like normal high school kids. I think the only time that we were not with each other all day every day was when I had basketball practice and games.

She decided that she wanted to break it off with me and experience other people. I could not believe what I was hearing. I didn’t go on dates with anyone else and headed off to college. Recently I have just started back up in the fetish dating scene and I really hope that I don’t fall in love and the same thing happens to me again.

Zooming In!

I am a Manchester escorts companion and I love to take pictures of me with my clients. The pictures range from public events, hotels, house parties and many are from right in the bedroom. My camera was not the greatest so I went out and purchased a Sony pocket-sized camera that was about $2500.00. I wanted something that was going to take better pictures, have more memory space and my main concern is zooming in!

Let me tell you what, this camera is great! I have been building a client portfolio for over ten years and I have a ton of pictures and I have made it look so professional. I also get requests to get duplicate copies made and some of my pictures have actually sold for money! Most of my clients do not mind me taking pictures but the married men always request for me not to do so!