Spiced Up Sex Over The Phone

Sex between Janet and her husband Rob had dwindled to nothing ever since Janet’s mother had moved in. They didn’t want to be overheard or have her walk in on them. One night, Janet came up with the idea of gay fuck phone sex using their cell phones. That way, they could be certain that they wouldn’t be interrupted on the land line or seen in a compromising position together. That night, as Rob’s mother slept in the 2nd bedroom, Rob called Janet from the master bedroom while she waited downstairs on the couch. The whispering was sexy and the talk was dirty. It was a complete and hot success. They liked it so much that, after Rob’s mother moved out, Janet and Rob still practiced sex over the phone at least once a week to add a little spice to their sex life.

Something Has to Give

It’s been a few weeks and I’m already in need of another job. It seems like within the past year I’ve been getting hired only to either quit or be fired. My last job was at a restaurant and I can’t say that I did very well with it. After the first week I got a stern talking to about my performance, and the most discouraging part about it was that this job was easy. Isn’t there anything out there that I’m good at? Maybe I need to pack up and do something spontaneous. Moving out of the states even comes to mind. Given the economy here jobs are hard to come by let alone even keep for that matter. I’ve always wanted to go to London so maybe England would be a good move for me. Hopefully London escort jobs will be better than the ones here.

Finally Deserve Something

My last three days have consisted of nothing but work, food and keeping my eyes wide open at all times. This week at work I have given the task to set up a slide show for potential clients. I have to have the slides done by tomorrow and it looks like I am just going to make it! I have been literally working like a dog all week long and I am ready to do this presentation and have a nice long six day vacation! I have already made plans to meet up with Sheffield escorts as well as a few other friends of mine. I have never really felt to deserving of anything, but with all the work that I have put into this project, I really think I deserved this little break away from the work world.

Make Them Eat Cake

Who knew that my desire to make my own website would lead me down the path that it did? Well, I did. Nobody could deter me on the path that I had chosen. I wasn’t going to listen to anyone who tried to tell me that pursuing a career in adult web design was silly or I was living a pipe dream.

Now, I’m working at my dream job only a few years later and all those that tried to tell me I was making a mistake are eating their own words! I try to be gracious but I’m laughing inside and thankful that I was strong enough to choose my own way. It was a tough road, I won’t lie. Like they say, though, anything worth having is worth working for.

Time For a Celebration

I graduated college last week and I have been trying to come up with something to do for a celebration. So far I have called Nottingham escort agency in hopes to have a beautiful woman for a date so I do not end up alone at the end of the night. There is a group of 10 of us celebrating together and I am the one who needs to find a place to go, so it needs to be fun and extremely exciting. I have never had to plan anything before so we will see just how well this goes. I am hoping that even if I cannot book a great venue or get a few dates for us guys that we will still have fun and enjoy each others company. That’s what celebrating is all about right?

Instantly Turned On

I make homemade biscuits and gravy every Sunday evening and usually have family and friends over. The dinner has to be started 2 hours before everyone arrives so that it is done on time and that no one ends up waiting if they are in a hurry. I usually cook for about 10 people and we celebrate before dinner with many drinks. After the dinner is consumed quickly every one is ready for bed because it sits so heavy on the gut.

Last Sunday my best guy friend brought over a guest, which turned out to be a Manchester escort agency worker. She was very stunning and dressed perfectly and she actually turned me on almost immediately. Being a female myself, I have never looked at another girl this way. We now see each other about once a week and a man has never made me feel so good in my entire life. She knows the exact spots to kiss and rub on me!

High School Love

I dated a girl in high school that I was with for about 4 years and she was my first love. We did everything together before, during and after school. We went out on dates, hung out with our friends, did our homework together and just hung out like normal high school kids. I think the only time that we were not with each other all day every day was when I had basketball practice and games.

She decided that she wanted to break it off with me and experience other people. I could not believe what I was hearing. I didn’t go on dates with anyone else and headed off to college. Recently I have just started back up in the fetish dating scene and I really hope that I don’t fall in love and the same thing happens to me again.